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Instructors, I’m sure many, if not all of you can relate to what I’m about to say in some aspect – after teaching the same class for months at a time without any shift in pace, things start to feel monotonous and tiresome. I know this all too well as I’ve been working at a summer camp with the same kids, teaching the same skills everyday for months. I’m bored and it’s time for a shift.

Today, I took it upon myself to change the structure of the camp curriculum in the slightest way possible and it wholeheartedly shifted the way I was approaching these sessions. I’ve been feeling tired and bored from the curriculum I was presented with at the beginning of the summer and by incorporating a simple game of Sharks and Minnows, the class was more willing to participate in things they’d normally hesitate towards and I was more engaging and entertained from the subtle shift in class style.

It brought up an interesting concept of being comfortable with changing the way you approach a class that’s beginning to feel repetitive. Note that if you’re feeling tired and bored during a lesson, more likely than not, your swimmer and their parents are probably feeling the same way. Changing something up, like incorporating a game or activity that you’d normally never consider playing with can definitely add a nice new vibe to what you’re already doing.

Even if the activity that you add isn’t necessarily a skill based activity, the excitement of something new and the idea that swimming can be fun is more than beneficial to any lesson so long as it’s approached with that intent in mind. Don’t be afraid to get creative and have some fun when things start to feel monotonous and dull! Let’s keep our kids engaged and having fun in the water.

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